On this edition of Political Rewind, flyers at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport are starting to feel the painful impact of the federal government shutdown. As TSA workers call in sick, security lines are growing to intolerable lengths.

And as federal workers seek relief, the number of people filing for unemployment in the state is spiking. Will pressures like these move the White House and Congress to look for a compromise?

Georgia’s 2019 Legislative Session begins its first day of business today. Among the top priorities are crafting a budget that takes into account a possible economic downturn, finding help for rural Georgia's struggling economy and figuring out how to expand health care.

Meanwhile, on his first day in office, Governor Kemp issues an executive order overhauling how state agencies handle sexual harassment cases.



Kevin Riley -- Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Howard Franklin -- Democratic Strategist 

Brian Robinson -- Republican Strategist