Cows foraging for oats

Cows foraging for oats

Oat crops are grown across Georgia along with other cereal grains like rye and wheat. But you won’t find them in your cereal bowl.Aphids could cut winter food supply for cattle

Oats here are used to feed cows in the winter, but an aphid infestation is threatening this year’s crop.

David Buntin is an entomologist at the University of Georgia’s Griffin campus who specializes in grains.

“Aphids are females and they’re literally born pregnant and so they build up very quickly in the field," Buntin said. "And they’ll spread the virus once they’re established in the field.”

Buntin said the aphid virus doesn’t hurt the animals, but it can make oats more susceptible to cold and kill them. That means Georgia cows could have less to eat this winter.