Today on the show, we explored the history of voter suppression and lynching victims in Georgia. We also heard from filmmakers and organizers from the Fifty Foot Film Festival about homegrown horror and sci-fi films.

We spoke to ProPublica's Jessica Huseman and Savannah State's Allynne Owens about the history of voter suppression and how to spot it as citizens today. Huseman oversees the collaborative reporting project called Electionland, which reports on election issues across the country.

We also spoke with Catherine Meeks from The Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing about the ceremony remembering lynching victims in Georgia this Friday. Historian and author Anthony Pitch also joined the conversation. He wrote "The Last Lynching: How A Gruessome Mass Murder Rocked A Small Georgia Town.""On Second Thought" for Monday, October 29, 2018

Finally, we heard from Debbie Hess, organizer of the Fifty Foot Film Festival, and Vashmere Valentine, director of the fantasy film "The Wish & The Wisp," which will be shown at the festival.  The 50 Foot Film Festival showcases horror, science fiction and suspense films by Georgia filmmakers. It returns to Atlanta for one night only at the Plaza Theatre on Tuesday.

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