Insect Cuisine

Insect Cuisine

There’s a conference happening in Athens, and its name tells you all you need to know: Eating Insects. 
Members of the North American Coalition for Insects in Agriculture, scientists, chefs and others will discuss everything from the latest recipes to the ethics of eating bugs.
Conversation with Dr. Marianne Shockley about the Eating Insects Athens Conference.

Dr. Marianne Shockley works with the University of Georgia's Entomology Department, and she's organizing the event. She joins us to explain more about the growing movement to grow insects for food.

Shockley also told us about her favorite insect and how she likes to eat it.

Dr. Marianne Shockley shares her favorite edible insect and how she likes to eat it.

The Eating Insects Athens Conference begins with a community event on Sunday, Aug. 12, and continues through Wednesday, Aug. 15.