Emory University professor George Yancy published
Emory University professor George Yancy published "Backlash" in April.

After writing his New York Times op-ed, “Dear White America," George Yancy received hundreds of hateful messages. Yancy, an Emory University professor of philosophy, knew that his letter was controversial, but he says he never thought he would receive literal death threats.

This past April, he released his newest book, "Backlash: What Happens When We Talk Honestly About Racism in America."

On Second Thought host Adam Ragusea speaks with Emory University professor George Yancy.

It addresses how people confronted him after the publication of his op-ed, and how to proceed from there. In his book, he asks white Americans to rise above their initial racial response and have empathy for the African-American community.

George Yancy joined us in studio to talk about "Backlash."