Chris Thile is in his second season as host of the public radio show

Chris Thile is in his second season as host of the public radio show "Live From Here," formerly known as "A Prairie Home Companion."

In 2016, Grammy-winning mandolinist Chris Thile was tasked with recreating one of public radio's most popular programs, as the second-ever host of "A Prairie Home Companion."

Now in its second season, the show has been recreated once over with a new title: "Live From Here." 

"It's a show title that really works for what we're doing, which is hopefully anything," Thile told us. "That's what gives me the biggest thrill ... sitting down in my little studio on Monday with a blank canvas." 

On Second Thought host Adam Ragusea speaks with Chris Thile.

The name change came when Minnesota Public Radio severed ties with Thile's predecessor, Garrison Keillor, after a woman who worked for Keillor accused the longtime "A Prairie Home Companion" host of sexual harassment

Thile brings "Live From Here" to Atlanta's Fox Theatre on Saturday, May 19, 2018. He spoke with us ahead of his appearance about finding his own rhythm as a public radio host and creating a show that appeals to audiences young and old. We also talked about Thile's band, Punch Brothers, and why bluegrass doesn't cover what he calls the various "textural aesthetics" that his music encompasses.

Neko Case and Father John Misty join Chris Thile in "Live From Here" at the Fox Theatre on Saturday, May 19 at 5:45 p.m. Tickets start at $15.