Casey Casey, left. Brian Kemp, right.
Casey Casey, left. Brian Kemp, right.

Today on "Political Rewind," we discuss Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue's promise to farmers that they won't bare the brunt of a potential trade war with China. This, even as the President bares down on his threat to expand tariffs on Chinese goods. 

Plus, there's been a major development in the corruption investigation at Atlanta's City Hall. The Feds indite Mitzi Bickers, a key player in city politics and a former campaign consultant for Kasim Reed.

Then, we have news from the governor's race. Brian Kemp works to turn the National Rifle Association against Casey Cagle.  

And we'll look back 50 years when the murders of MLK and Robert Kennedy inspired President Johnson to fight for a gun control bill that he complained was watered down by the NRA.