Diana Gabaldon, Pheobe Bridgers and a night cap.

What would you do for true love? How about travel back in time, to the middle of bloody war you already know ends badly for your beloved? That’s the dilemma of the heroine in the “Outlander” series of novels. Since the first book came out 27 years ago, the story has spawned a television series, a graphic novel and even a musical. All this was born from the mind of author Diana Gabaldon, who holds advanced degrees in marine biology and behavioral ecology. Gabaldon visits with us before an appearance at the Savannah Book Festival, 6 p.m. , February 15.

Los Angeles musician Phoebe Bridgers is only 23 years old. But she’s already toured and collaborated with artists like Ryan Adams and Julien Baker. She was also featured in an Apple iPhone commercial in 2014. Last fall, she released her debut album “Stranger in the Alps.” She’s in Atlanta February 15 and will likely perform one of her hit songs ‘Georgia.’ Producer Trevor Young caught up with Phoebe Bridgers.

We love to pay homage to Southern food. Now, it’s time for cocktails. Every drink has its own story, and they’re told in a book called “The Southern Foodways Alliance Guide to Cocktails.” We talked with co-authors Sara Camp Milam and Jerry Slater a couple of months ago, and got a crash course in mixology.

Georgia offers some amazing cocktails. But there was -- legally anyhow -- a long dry spell. Prohibition was the law of the land from 1920 to 1933. Georgia had its own rules about alcohol, and when and where it could be bought and sold. A museum that opened in Savannah last year tells the Prohibition story from first drop to last. We learn more about that history from the museum’s manager, Kayla Black.