The follies of youth, a gripe bag and the Breakroom.

The Tide Pod Challenge has sent dozens of people, many of them young teens, to hospitals across the country. Eating laundry detergent may seem like a new level of stupidity, but kids and adolescents have been doing dumb things to impress each other for a long time. And, despite first appearances, there might actually be good reasons why. Joining us to talk through this are Catherine O’Neal, Assistant Research Scientist at UGA’s College of Family and Consumer Sciences, and Jay Hathaway, Senior Writer at the Daily Dot.

February is Black History Month. Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands also have months to commemorate black achievements. Host Celeste Headlee opens the Gripe Bag and talks about why a month doesn’t cut it.

The Breakroom gang this week includes children’s book author Mike Lowery, Georgia State University law professor Tanya Washington, Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown, and Jessica Walden of Rock Candy Tours. They reflect on the State of the Union, getting more electric cars on the road, and what makes a safe neighborhood.