Film industry taxes, the Civil Rights Trail and Anya Silver's poetry.

The GOP tax bill has many concerned the law will negatively impact the middle class while bolstering the rich. But a new study from the union Actors Equity finds another problem: the tax bill could also harm Georgia’s film industry. They looked at how the plan might reduce deductions and reimbursements for contractors and part-time film workers. We talk about this with Chris Joyner with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution -- he writes the AJC Watchdog column. Also Craig Miller, Film Producer and Founder of Craig Miller Productions.

This month Southern tourism departments banded together to unveil The U.S. Civil Rights Trail. The trail links 110 historic sites, from Kansas to Delaware. These are places where the struggle for equality for African Americans left a mark. Ironically, many of the states rallying behind the marketing effort now are places where racial segregation was, and is the most entrenched. We get a couple of perspectives: Maurice Hobson is a Professor at Georgia State University. And Karl Barnes is a retired urban planner and advocate for African American historical preservation.

Poet Anya Silver often writes about depression, fear, and living with cancer. But her latest collection “Second Bloom” is also about life and joy. Silver earned the title of Georgia Author of the Year for Poetry in 2015, and is currently author of four poetry collections. She will be in Atlanta on Monday [Jan 29] for a reading at the Decatur Public Library. We talk with Author and Mercer English Professor Anya Silver from Macon.