What's filming, renaming bridges, and the Breakroom.

The Avengers: Infinity War  was shot in Georgia recently. Another Avengers cast and crew are at work here, along with a slew of movies and TV shows. We talk about who’s working on what with Jennifer Brett. She writes the Buzz Blog for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Then, Savannah’s City Council recently approved a resolution to rename Eugene Talmadge Memorial Bridge. Its namesake served four terms as Georgia’s governor. He defended segregation in the 1930s and '40s.  Renaming the bridge requires a majority vote of both houses of the state assembly. Georgia senator Lester Jackson is a Democrat from Savannah. He promised to push the issue during this legislative session, which starts Monday. Jessica Leigh Lebos is the community editor for Connect Savannah. She brings us this commentary.


And then we head to the Breakroom. After all, it’s been a long week. We talked about punk music with Henry Rollins, about the role of net neutrality in health care, and Atlanta’s bitcoin ATM’s. So -- as we do every Friday -- we’ve gathered a group of smart people to help us kick back, unwind and think about what the heck happened this week. Joining us in the Breakroom: Georgia State University professor Hector Fernandez, Georgia Department of Transportation spokeswoman Natalie Dale, Kalena Boller, host of The Credits podcast, and lawyer Stefan Turkheimer, editor for Georgia Pol.