#MeToo is not only a movement about sexual harassment. It’s a reckoning for the way we work, and a call to change the power dynamics leading to sexual abuse. We talk with people who dedicate, in different ways, their professional lives to understanding toxic work environments and how to dismantle them. Erica Clemmons is the Georgia State Director for 9 to 5; Marie Mitchell is a professor of management at the University of Georgia’s business school; and Joey Price is the CEO of Jumpstart HR, a human resources consulting firm based in Baltimore.

Georgia politicians are finally talking about sexual harassment. But one gubernatorial candidate says women are missing from the conversation. Last week, former state representative Stacey Evans called out Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle for excluding women from a new committee on sexual harassment. She brings us a commentary.

Paul Sherman collects political campaign memorabilia going back a century. But the swag he picked up in 2016 was different than anything he’s seen before. Sherman’s new book is called “Look Away: Documenting Crude and Sexist Items From the Trump Campaign Trail.” It includes several pictures from rallies in Georgia. We recently caught up with three collectors in the Sherman family.

Christmas is the one holiday of the year that has the most music associated with it. Sometimes that’s a good thing. And sometimes it’s a bad thing. We wanted to get a good list of the best songs and the songs to avoid over the holidays, so we talked to an expert. Chester Phillips is the Director of Athletic Bands at Georgia State University.