Georgia’s Secretary of State is in charge of its voting system. And it’s an elected office. So the person who oversees fair elections, also runs as a candidate. Is this an inherent conflict of interest? Secretary of State Brian Kemp has been accused by some of using his position to help Republicans win elections. Now, Kemp is running in the Republican primary for governor. We talk with Robert Howard, Executive Director of the Southern Political Science Association.

In 1981, Bruce Campbell, in the role of Ash Williams, took on "The Evil Dead." Stephen King loved it. So did millions more. And it spawned two sequels, video games, Marvel comic books, and a television series. Campbell has a new autobiography called: “Hail to the Chin: Further Confessions of a B Movie Actor.” We talk to Campbell about his career.

New research from Georgia State University finds the majority of smokers are looking to quit cigarettes. That’s especially difficult in a world that glorifies smoking through media, advertising, and regulatory language. The new study recommends we change the way regulators talk about smoking, and give less emphasis to the pleasurable aspects of the habit. We talk about this with Terry Pechacek, Professor of Health Management & Policy at Georgia State University. Also Carla Berg, a Professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education at Emory University.

"On Second Thought" Associate Producer Ryan McFadin just quit smoking after 10 years. He’s over a month in, and tells us what the experience has been like for him.

Kamasi Washington is one of most innovative jazz musicians alive today. The saxophonist/composer has performed with a diverse group of artists, including Lauryn Hill, Herbie Hancock, Flying Lotus, and Kendrick Lamar. In 2015, he released his 3-hour solo debut entitled “The Epic.” We catch up with Kamasi Washington ahead of shows in Athens on Dec. 6 and Atlanta on Dec. 8.