In recent years, Atlanta has been on a mission to turn around failing public schools, while many parents turn to charter schools. David Osborne is author of the new book, “Reinventing America’s Schools.” He suggests treating all schools a bit like charter schools would improve the situation. We talk with David Osborne and Maureen Downey, Education Reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Atlanta has the third highest eviction rate in the country. That’s according to a new study by the rental service Apartment List. The eviction rate is just below six percent, right behind Memphis and Phoenix. We talk with Kimberly Charles, an attorney with the Atlanta Legal Aid Society. Also Ryan Coon, CEO & Co-Founder of Rentalutions.

Two new types of spiders have been found in Athens, Georgia. That’s bad news if you’re an arachnophobe, but great news if you’re an arachnologist. Bud Freeman is the Director of the Georgia Museum of Natural History. He and his team of fellow spider hunters are leading the search for new types of eight-legged creatures in the Southeast.

Behind many great recipes, you’ll find stories of immigration. That’s certainly the case in the kitchen of Pati Jinich. Her grandparents immigrated from Poland to Mexico. Now, Pati is a chef and cookbook author, renowned for her Jewish-Mexican fare. GPB’s Emily Cureton caught up with her last week while she was cooking at the General Muir restaurant in Atlanta.

The food on tables in most American homes doesn’t resemble the food served in early Colonial America. That’s when the event we think of as the first Thanksgiving happened—a feast lasting three days. A couple of years ago we talked about what the first Thanksgiving meal might have tasted like with Lisa Abraham. She’s the former food editor for the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio.

Store-bought turkeys are flying off the shelves this week, but Thanksgiving started with wild game. And for some Georgia families, catching your own food is still a tradition. GPB’s Emily Cureton recently joined one father and son duo as they hunted for deer in the woods of Middle Georgia.