Mystery Science Theater 3000, Me Too, The Breakroom

Imagine being in outer space with two sassy robots, and being forced to watch really bad science fiction movies with them. That’s the premise of the cult classic TV series, “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” The show got a reboot on Netflix this summer. We talk with series creator Joel Hodgson.

Over the last week, stories about sexual assault and harassment have flooded social media with the “Me Too” hashtag. It’s meant to raise awareness about these abuses in the wake of allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein. We talk with local activists Jessica Caldas and Robbie Medwed about what the movement accomplishes.

The Breakroom returns to discuss Woody Allen’s comments on the “Me Too” campaign, and check out some upcoming Star Wars and Marvel films. We also talk about Georgia’s commitment to high speed rail, why boxing is less popular than it was, and if the infamous jewel thief Doris Payne is actually calling it quits. Joining us this week are Stefan Turkheimer, Steve Brown, Kalena Boller, and Natalie Pawelski.