Charlottesville, Killer Mike, Colin Mochrie

"On Second Thought" is celebrating its third anniversary this week. The show launched its first broadcast on GPB on October 20, 2014. To celebrate three amazing years, we’re re-airing our best segments in a two part broadcast. Here are the best picks for today:

The violence in Charlottesville, Virginia this summer renewed conversations about race relations, and have left some searching for answers on how to de-radicalize people. That’s something Shannon Martinez of Athens knows first-hand. She was a skinhead for several years, but managed to leave that life behind her.  We talk with her and Sammy Rangel of Life After Hate, a group that helps people move away from hate and violent extremism.

We add two more songs to our Georgia Playlist. Killer Mike is one of Georgia’s most beloved musicians. He is half of the rap duo Run the Jewels and founder of Grind Time Official Records. Killer Mike brings us tunes by Goodie Mob and the Allman Brothers.

If you want to see theater in one of its most nerve-racking forms, look no further than actor Colin Mochrie. The comedian is best known for his role on TV’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and he has a richly deserved reputation for his skill at improvisation. We talked with Colin Mochrie ahead of a performance at Dad’s Garage this past summer