Puppy Mills, Newt Gingrich, Civil Forfeiture, Afropunk

Two major puppy mill were busted in Georgia this year. One in April rescued more than 350 animals. Last month in Fulton County, authorities found 60 dogs, 53 lizards, a rabbit and a piranha at another site. We talk with Jessica Rock, Founding Partner at Animal Law Source.

He might be Georgia’s second best known politician. And perhaps its most polarizing. Bestselling Author Craig Shirley sits down with us to talk about his latest book, “Citizen Newt.” It follows the career of Newt Gingrich. Emory professor of History, Joe Crespino also joins us to help breakdown key moments of Gingrich's political life.

Last month, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to restrict a practice by law enforcement to seize cash and property from people who may not be charged with a crime. According to figures from the FBI and the Institute for Justice, property losses were valued higher by police seizures than burglaries in 2014. This practice is called civil forfeiture, and critics say Georgia has some of the most extreme civil forfeiture laws in the country. We break it down with Rob Johnson, an attorney with the Institute for Justice.

The Afropunk Music Festival comes to Atlanta October 14-15. One of the performers is Chalane Bauzo, an Atlanta-based DJ who goes by the name Anónima. We ask her to add two more songs to our essential Georgia Playlist.