Mental Health Student Coalition, Diversion Center, Cuyler-Brownville, Celeste Ng

Georgia Tech student Scout Schultz was shot and killed after provoking campus police officers. Schultz had a history of mental health issues and suicide attempts. Anxiety and depression are common in high pressure schools like Georgia Tech. We talk about the mental health of college students with Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders, which works to raise awareness of mental health in young adults. Also joining us is Collin Spencer, External Relations Committee Chair for the Mental Health Student Coalition at Georgia Tech.

When Georgia Tech student Scout Schultz was killed, his family said lethal force by officer Tyler Beck could have been avoided. The state of Georgia started to require crisis intervention training for officers in February of this year. We talk about the ways to train de-escalation tactics with Derek Collins, CEO of the Diversion Center.

Cuyler-Brownville is one of Savannah’s oldest African American neighborhoods, having earned its official historic status two decades ago. But since then, over 100 historic properties have been demolished, including at least eight neighborhood homes dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Does historic designation actually drive demolitions? We’re joined by President and CEO of the Historic Savannah Foundation, Daniel Carey, as well as Amy Bragg, President of Preservation Detroit.

In 2014, author Celeste Ng published her debut novel “Everything I Never Told You.” Hailed for its deft commentary on modern life, it book won several awards and was released in over 20 languages. Ng’s follow-up novel is “Little Fires Everywhere,” and is out this month. The book follows a picture perfect suburban family, whose peace is threatened by an enigmatic mother. Celeste Headlee catches up with Celeste Ng ahead of an appearance at SCADshow in Atlanta on Monday, [Sept. 25].