Are some of the Republican Party’s top stars beginning to pave the way to run for president in 2020 if Donald Trump steps aside? On today’s show we’ll talk about a New York Times report that Vice President Mike Pence, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and senators Tom Cotton and Ben Sasse are beginning to make the kind of moves that could position them to be ready for a run.  The story has infuriated the Vice President, who says it’s not true. But is it? Our panel weighs in.

The panel also looks at the failure of a state GOP effort to make candidates sign a pledge they’ll work for a religious liberty bill if elected. But while the pledge may be dead, the issue isn’t.

And P& G is winning praise and some sharp criticism for a new ad that features African American mothers talking to their children about racism.

Plus, we revisit a moment in Georgia history when a Dukes of Hazzard actor was elected into the US House of Representatives. Ben "Cooter" Jones is now an outspoken advocate of the Confederate flag. 

Political Rewind for 8/7/2017



Jim Galloway, AJC Political Writer

Brian Robinson, GOP Political Consultant

Tharon Johnson, Democratic Political Consultant