Beato the Cat, voter fraud, gun violence, and the Breakroom

First, Sucheta Rawal is a children’s book author on a mission. She created Beato, a world traveling cat, who’s part of a broader plan to raise cultural awareness in both kids and adults. Her latest book is “Beato Goes to Indonesia,” which just hit the shelves. The author joins us in the studio.

Then, President Trump has created a commission to investigate voter fraud. Most states are refusing to hand over their registration records. But Georgia’s leadership has agreed to release extensive personal information about voters here. Blogger Sam Burnham takes issue with this. He brings us this commentary

Next, over the holiday weekend, three people in Savannah were killed following a shooting and car crash. Savannah has one of the highest murder rates in Georgia. We talk more about this with Frederic Green of the End Gun Violence Initiative in Savannah.

Finally. the Breakroom panel this week includes psychology professor Roxanne Donovan of Kennesaw State University, writer and blogger Jessica Szilagyi, Savannah business owner Ruel Joyner, and Korean Daily reporter HB Cho. They talk about criticism over NPR’s tradition of tweeting out the Declaration of Independence and CNN's decision to conceal the identity of a Reddit user who crossed the line.