Dr. Ian Crozier

Dr. Ian Crozier

On September 9, 2014, a team of medical specialists guided Dr. Ian Crozier into the communicable disease isolation unit at Emory University Hospital. He had Ebola; in fact, he had the worst case of the disease that doctors in the United States had seen since the deadly Ebola epidemic began in Western Africa earlier that year.

Crozier contracted the disease while treating patients in a government hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone. By the time he arrived in Atlanta, he was in such a deep medical crisis that doctors feared he wouldn’t survive.  But the care he received at Emory – under the supervision of infectious disease specialist Dr. Jay Varkey – saved Crozier’s life.

Seven months after he was released from Emory, we invited Dr. Crozier and Dr. Varkey to share their remarkable story on “Two Way Street.”  We aired that show for the first time in May of 2015. As I look back on our first three years on the air, it’s clear to me that it was one of the most moving and inspiring conversation we’ve had; and it was one of our most talked about shows, too.

And so today, as we continue our anniversary look at the best of “Two Way Street,” we’re going to share that show with you again.