Radney Foster And Sylvie Davidson

Radney Foster And Sylvie Davidson

On today’s show we talk to two singer-songwriters who are part of the rich community of musical artists who live and work in Nashville – one of the great music mecca’s of this country.

They each took different paths to come to Nashville – one from the Pacific Northwest, the other from a Southwest Texas agricultural community near the Mexican border. One – Radney Foster – made the journey to Nashville years ago and is now a successful and well-established singer and songwriter. The other – Sylvie Davidson – along with her musical partner and husband is a more recent arrival, and is finding her way in the vibrant Nashville scene.

What they share in common is a love for country music, even as they both acknowledge a wide range of influences and musical tastes; but if you long to make it in the world of country music, you have to find your way to Nashville.

Because I’ve loved country music since I started listening to the Grand Ole Opry as a high school kid growing up in Skokie, Illinois and because I’ve always been intrigued by Nashville’s vibrant musical community, I invited Sylvie and Radney to record a show in the “Two Way Street” performance studio last week.

Radney sings the song that he wrote and Keith Urban turned into a mega-hit:


Here’s the video of “Nobody Wins,” which he talks about on the show:


Here are a couple of videos from Sylvie Davidson: