Did your last round of utility bill payments break the bank? If you live in Atlanta, it turns out you’re probably paying more than everyone else in the country. The home listing website Trulia recently published a study on metro Atlanta’s utility prices. We’ll speak with Trulia housing data analyst Felipe Chacon, who conducted the study. Then, we listen back to remarks made by Johnny Isakson and Jim Barksdale, the major party candidates in the race for U.S. Senate in Georgia.  

Why are Atlanta's utility costs so high? We examine the results of a national survey and explain the Electoral College for our series "Break It Down."

Also, “Here I Am” is the first novel in more than a decade by writer Jonathan Safran Foer. His first two novels, “Everything Is Illuminated” and “Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close” made waves in the literary world. We talk with Foer about his new book ahead of an appearance in Atlanta next week.

And on November 8, the presidency will be decided once one of the candidates reaches 270 electoral votes. Electoral votes are cast by members of the Electoral College. Most people know that, but don't know exactly what the electoral college is or how it works and so we offer an explanation in our series, “Break It Down.” Then, we talk with FiveThirtyEight politics editor Micah Cohen about how the electoral college may impact this year’s presidential race.