One of the topics The Breakroom crew mulls over is whether Facebook should take down live video streams of police confrontations at the request of law enforcement.

One of the topics The Breakroom crew mulls over is whether Facebook should take down live video streams of police confrontations at the request of law enforcement.

The Breakroom gang joins host Celeste Headlee to weigh in on the week's news. The panel includes Democratic Strategist Howard Franklin, former NPR correspondent Kathy Lohr, Georgia State University professor Hector Fernandez, and blogger Jessica Szilagyi.


1. A 23-year-old woman live streamed a standoff she was in with police earlier this month. Facebook shut down the stream at the request of police. She was later shot and killed after reportedly aiming a gun at the officers. The social media site also deactivated her account at the request of law enforcement.  How should Facebook and other social media sites deal with these situations? 

2. Xavier University in Ohio has become the home to the nation's first pizza ATM. The $55,000 machine is open for business around the clock and cooks a 12-inch pizza in about three minutes. If you could get any hot food from an ATM, what would it be?

3. Last week, The Associated Press reported that there's no evidence that flossing really works in the long term. Dental groups are disputing that claim. Do you floss?

4.  Moraine Valley Community College in Illinois has stopped moving forward with a controversial idea to offer certain class available only to African-American students. School officials say those classes can be effective when students build support networks by taking the course with those of a similar background. Can segregating classes help or hurt students?

5. You may be seeing more “ugly” fruits and vegetables at the grocery in the months ahead. Stores are responding to complaints from activists who say a lot of good food is wasted because it doesn’t look perfect. When you find an apple with a bruise or a zucchini with a flaw, do you put it back? Will you buy ugly food? 

6. A new study from The College of Wooster in Ohio suggests women are becoming more accepting of their bodies. While women are more dissatisfied with their bodies than men, the study found dissatisfaction has decreased over a three decade span. In light of the obesity epidemic, is it good for people to accept their bodies, even if they’re overweight?

7. All this week, the world has paid close attention to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The games has already witnessed a few milestones so far. The Olympics welcomed its first ever Refugee Team who were greeted with a standing ovation.

Then, Thursday night American swimmer Michael Phelps won his twenty-second gold medal. Phelps had already broken a 2,000 year record. 

Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since the Summer Olympics in Atlanta.  Are you watching the games now? Why? Or why not?

8. Some researchers say helicopter parenting -- or overprotective parenting - can lead to binge drinking on campus. They distinguish between Good Parents, who try to prevent their kids from drinking at all, and Get Real parents, who assume that kids will drink at some point. Are children more likely to drink based on the level of involved parenting? Do you buy into the research?