Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a Purple Heart medal given to him by a supporter during a campaign rally at Briar Woods High School, Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016, in Ashburn, Va.

Today on “Political Rewind,” we discuss the many issues surrounding Donald Trump’s campaign. From his ongoing feud with Kazr Kahn and his family, to his continued alienation of the GOP establishment, to his desire for a warm relationship with Vladimir Putin, there is much for his campaign staff to mull over.

Additionally, Trump is now suggesting that current polls, as well as the election, are potentially rigged. He is also stirring up controversy over his comments about always wanting a Purple Heart, despite the fact that he has never served in any branch of the military.

During public appearances yesterday, President Obama made a point of criticizing Trump and his preparedness for the presidency, using his previous rivalries with John McCain and Mitt Romney to support his case. Though they had their disagreements, Obama stated that he believed both candidates to be fit for the presidency, a trait he does not see in Trump. The national polls coming out of the Democratic convention are certainly in favor of Clinton, and some suggest that her lead may be more than just a post-convention bump. Meanwhile, Georgia is still hotly contested as a swing state, and our panel discusses whether it will vote Democratic this fall.

Trump’s campaign has asked Republican senators to stand by him and issue statements supporting him, but his behavior has begun to trigger a defection within the party. New York Representative Richard Hanna, a moderate who is not seeking re-election, just became the first Republican congressman to endorse Clinton. Yesterday, Meg Whitman, one of the few Republican fundraisers in Silicon Valley, pledged her support and financial backing to Clinton. With his recent uneasiness to support Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, and John McCain in their re-election campaigns, Trump may be personally aiding a broader GOP exodus to Clinton’s cause. Obama is certainly encouraging this, considering his calls yesterday for Republicans to repudiate Trump. Is Trump’s campaign in crisis, or is that simply wishful thinking among those who want him to lose?


Jim Galloway – AJC Political Writer

Aaron Gould Sheinin – AJC Reporter

Tamar Hallerman – AJC Washington correspondent