Last month, the founder of the Atlanta Latin Academy Charter School was arrested after he was outed for embezzling school funds. Christopher Clemons spent over $600,000 of the school's money on cars, nightclubs, and real estate. The school has since closed under the weight of financial strain. We talk with Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Molly Bloom about the scandal and what it means for charter school oversight in the future.We begin with a segment on Atlanta Latin Academy Charter School embezzlement. Plus, the High Museum of Art highlights footwear and the evolution of sneaker culture in "Out of the Box." Then, reporter Janel Davis joins us to discuss the Kennesaw State University scandal. Finally, the founder of Atlanta's Shaky Knees Music Festival contributes to our Georgia Playlist.

Then, a new exhibit at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art celebrates footwear.  “Out Of The Box” is a collection of unique and artful sneakers from famous brands like Nike, Converse and Adidas.  It’s a display that makes sneakerheads like Layla Turner drool.  Turner and curator Sarah Schleuning walk us through the exhibit and talk us through how sneaker culture has grown up alongside industrial, music and fashion trends.

Plus, more local education scandals came to light last week, this time at the collegiate level. Kennesaw State University president Daniel Papp resigned suddenly after reports revealed he accepted over $500,000 in retirement benefits while he was still employed. A second audit shows that a conflict of interest in the food services department may have also cost the university hundreds of thousands of dollars more. Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Janel Davis joins us to talk more about the problems at Kennesaw State University.

Also, we grow our Georgia Playlist by two more songs.  These selections come from Tim Sweetwood, founder of Atlanta’s Shaky Knees Music Festival.