Last month, we discussed the #NeverTrump social media movement and asked if conservative voters would stick with the Republican Party or look for a different option should Donald Trump became the GOP nominee. Now, with Hillary Clinton approaching victory in the Democratic primary, a #NeverHillary movement has attracted voters who vow not to support her bid for the White House, no matter the options. This has pushed voters away from Clinton and toward Bernie Sanders, third party candidates, and even Trump. We talk with two Democrats who have decided to keep Clinton off their ballots in 2016: Harper’s Magazine publisher John R. MacArthur and local Sanders campaign activist Scott Brown.

Then, Atlanta-based New York Daily News columnist Shaun King writes about race, justice, social inequality and, of course, politics. And he doesn’t shy away when it comes to his own politics. In a recent op-ed, King revealed that he plans to leave the Democratic Party after the 2016 presidential election. We talk to the life-long Democrat about why his political affiliation no longer resonates with him and what’s next.

We've discussed the #NeverTrump social media movement, but what about the voters pledging #NeverHilary online? Then, New York Daily Columnist explains why he plans to leave the Democratic Party after the 2016 presidential election. Also, we look how race affects reports of campus sexual assault.

Also, sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes in America. A series of anonymous tweets – penned by user @RapedAtSpelman – revealed the unique challenges faced by survivors of color when reporting race. We speak with RTI’s Senior Research Sociologist Christine Lindquist, New York Asian Women Center Sexual Assault Program Manager Aditi Bhattacharya, and Carolyn West, an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington, about the role race plays in reporting campus sexual assault.