A cry for help came in the form of a shocking Twitter handle last month. A user called @RapedAtSpelman sent a series of messages about a violent sexual attack on the campus of Spelman College. The anonymous author accused four men from Morehouse College of rape. 

Spelman is Morehouse's sister school. The writer also accused Spelman of a lack of response after she reported the crime, and she cited the close relationship between the two historically black institutions as the reason her story was swept under the rug. 

We speak with RTI’s Senior Research Sociologist Christine Lindquist, New York Asian Women Center Sexual Assault Program Manager Aditi Bhattacharya, and Carolyn West, an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Washington, about the unique challenges survivors of color face when reporting rape.

If you are seeking help from sexual assault, contact the New York Asian Women Shelter multilingual hotline at 1-888-888-7702. 

Screenshot of @RapedAtSpelman Twitter account

Screenshot of @RapedAtSpelman Twitter account