The big game returns to Georgia! Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank and civil rights leader Andrew Young made a successful pitch to host the Super Bowl in Atlanta in 2019. That new stadium didn't hurt the bid much either.

Then, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer recently announced it will no longer allow its drugs to be used for lethal injections. This move cuts off the last remaining FDA-approved supplier of drugs used for executions. Now a number of states, including Georgia, are getting their drugs from loosely regulated compounding pharmacies. We speak with Mercer University’s Grady Strom about how compounding pharmacies are regulated and the ethical issues surrounding the death penalty debate. 

Also, it's high school graduation season.  That means there a lot of proud parents across Georgia this week.  And some of them are also hurting for cash after senior year fees cleared the bank. It can be expensive to be a high school senior these days – from graduation robe rental to yearbooks to class trips. So when does a free education stop being free? We talk about the price of earning a diploma these days with Patricia Seaman, senior director of the National Endowment for Financial Education.

Atlanta has scored another Super Bowl! How do you feel about the big game coming back to Georgia in 2019? Plus, what's going on with long waits at airport security, the loosely regulated industry of compounding pharmacies, the cost of being a high school senior and neo-soul music pioneer Joi reflects on her 20 year career.

Plus, many air travelers are experiencing long lines and headaches as extreme delays continue at airport security checkpoints across the country. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed told reporters this week that he doesn't want Hartfield-Jackson International Airport to become a poster child for stalled traveler traffic. Barbara Peterson, an aviation correspondent for Conde Nast Traveler, gives her perspective on the congestion. 

And 20 years ago, Atlanta singer and songwriter Joi deviated from the traditional sounds of R&B with the release of her debut album, “The Pendulum Vibe.” She’s now considered as one of the originators of the neo-soul music movement and has collaborated with artists like OutKast and Goodie Mob. She returns home this week to headline the Atlanta Jazz Festival on Friday night. We speak with Joi about her music and how the Atlanta music scene has changed.

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