Nationally, about 60% of immigrants forced to go to immigration court win their cases and avoid deportation. In Lumpkin, Ga., thousands of immigrants go through that court each year; more than  97%  lose their cases and are deported. NPR investigative reporter Caitlin Dickerson looked at how the court operates, and shares the story of one immigrant whose fate was determined in Lumpkin. 

After that, we hear from Georgia native and crime writer Karin Slaughter. She is the author of several international best-sellers. Her latest book "Pretty Girls" is about two women whose teenage sister vanished without a trace. The paperback edition of the book came out last week. We speak with Slaughter about the inspiration for the book, what makes a good thriller, and the reason why she sets her novels in Georgia. 

Lastly, we honor the centennial year of the Pulitzer Prize. We’ll celebrate by speaking with past winners from or living in Georgia. We speak with The Atlanta-Journal Constitution’s Mike Luckovich, who won the Pulitzer Prize twice – in 1995 and 2006 – for Editorial Cartooning, about his life and work.