Governor Deal signs Senate Bill 367 into law.

Governor Deal signs Senate Bill 367 into law. / GPB

Today the panel looks at a number of important state news stories.

Governor Deal has just three days left to announce whether he will sign or veto the controversial “campus carry” bill. The panel tries to read the tea leaves to determine what Deal is thinking as he approaches the deadline.

The governor did sign legislation that expands upon his package of criminal justice reform measures. All of them are designed to give minor felons a second chance to turn their lives around and avoid re-incarceration. Earlier this week President Obama – usually no friend of Nathan Deal’s – singled him out for praise for his efforts to help convicted criminals.

Shifting to the presidential contest, Ted Cruz has reached a do-or-die moment in his campaign. If he doesn’t beat Donald Trump in next week’s Indiana primary, the GOP nomination will almost certainly be Trump’s. But even as Cruz campaigns hard in the Hoosier state, he had to face withering criticism from former House speaker John Boehner at the same time that Trump won the endorsement of basketball icon Bobby Knight.

We talk about money in the 2016 race: Bernie Sanders has not only raised the most, but he’s spent far more than any other candidate, too. Plus we discuss who has been raising the most money from Georgia contributors.


Jim Galloway – AJC political writer

Todd RehmGeorgia Pundit editor

Dr. Andra Gillespite – Emory University associate professor of political science

Bill Linville – Democratic political consultant