Each week journalists Leah Fleming of GPB Macon and Charles Richardson, editorial page editor at The Telegraph talk about the issues on the minds of Middle Georgians. 


We’ve got some major elections taking place in May and a ballot conundrum ahead for Republicans.  If you ask for a Republican ballot  you will not see candidates for sheriff and tax commissioner.  So, what’s the deal with that?

The Telegraph reports: Macon-Bibb County Elections Supervisor Jeanetta Watson said she has received calls from voters, elected officials and other candidates about the confusion some people may have about the May ballots. If a person declares for a particular party when they vote May 24, they would only be able to get that party's ballot if there's a runoff in July.

"This will be a huge concern if they don't see all the candidates they feel they should be eligible to vote for," Watson said.

John Swint, chairman of the Bibb County Democratic Party, agreed that there's too much confusion about the process. Even in previous years when the county commission and mayor were still in partisan races, there were instances of people crossing political lines just to vote in a particular race, he said.


Gov. Nathan Deal's veto of the Religious Liberty bill gets him off the hot seat with lots of companies who threatened not to do business in GA , but not with religious leaders who say he abandoned the faith community.  Dozens of religious leaders are calling for an override of the governor’s veto.

How likely is that?

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