Middle Georgia joined the rest of the state in getting out to vote this week.  We're talking polling numbers, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials new leadership on Macon&Eggs this week.  See the video!
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the big winners in this week’s primary.  They both won Georgia.  What do you think is behind the big wins in Georgia?
During visits to several polling locations in Macon on Tuesday, GPB Macon's Leah Fleming reports there was a steady stream of voters all day.  Did Middle Georgia turn out in large numbers to rock the vote?
The Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials has a new president.  State Senator David Lucas of Macon has been appointed to lead the organization.  Former president Tyrone Brooks was sentenced to prison on fraud charges. What do you think David Lucas will bring to this organization?  Lucas says his priorities include: make the group’s operations more professional and offter technical assistance to Georgia’s black elected officials.