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Monday, November 3, 2014 - 10:40am

Macon & Eggs: Election Day Predictions And Mercer's Expansion Plan

Each week journalists Leah Fleming and Charles Richardson of the Telegraph get together to talk about issues on the minds of Middle Georgians. Scroll down to watch the video of the discussion. Here is a summary of what they covered.

Hot Topic #1:

Throughout this election season voters in Middle Georgia have seen multiple visits from US Senate candidates David Perdue and Michelle Nunn. Both are from the Middle Georgia area. Polls show their race too close to call. But despite that, Richardson believes the race will be decided election night. “The pollsters will tell you they have no way of accurately measuring young voters or voters in minority communities. With the polls so close I don’t think they’ll be a runoff.”

Early voting numbers were up this election season. Over 300 thousand early voters came out across Georgia. If that is reflective of voting patterns, we should have a pretty good turnout, says Richardson.

For the first time in the state’s history, five African American women are on the November ballot for statewide offices. The candidates, all Democrats, have come to be known as the "Georgia Five." The candidates include Doreen Carter for secretary of state, Liz Johnson for insurance commissioner, Robbin Shipp for labor commissioner, Connie Stokes for lieutenant governor and Valarie Wilson for school superintendent. Some political commentators say their nominations signal a shift in where the state's politics are headed. “Georgia is going through a demographic shift” says Richardson.

Hot Topic #2:

Mercer University wants to build a multi-million dollar hotel, restaurant and student housing complex just across from Mercer University Drive from the entrance of campus and wants help from the local government. Commissioners in the Operations and Finance Committee voted 5-0 to use $23.7 million in bonds to help make the project happen. The resolution is up for a full commission vote on Tuesday.

“Mercer has been one of the economic engines of Bibb County,” says Richardson. “Macon does not have a signature entrance on the I-16 side or I-75 side. This would change all that. These kinds of efforts set the stage for Macon for the next 30-40 years.”


Charles Richardson, Telegraph