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Thursday, October 30, 2014 - 12:54pm

In Historic Ballot, Five Black Women Seek State Offices In Georgia

Five black women are on the November ballot for statewide offices in Georgia. That is a record number in a state that just 11 years ago featured a Confederate battle emblem on its flag.

The candidates, all Democrats, have come to be known as the "Georgia Five."

They are Valarie Wilson who is running for state school superintendent; Connie Stokes who is running for leutenant governor; Robbin Shipp who is running for labor commissior; Doreen Carter who is running for secretary of state and Liz Johnson who is contending for insurance commissioner.

Political commentators speculate that only one of the women for running for office has a real chance of winning as Republicans dominate statewide offices. But their nominations signal a shift in the direction of politics.