Meisa Salaita has made it her mission to help others see and appreciate the beauty in science by making science part of everyday cultural experiences. After getting her Ph.D. in chemistry from Northwestern in 2006, Meisa spent a few years teaching both chemistry and sculpture at the high school level. Following her time in the classroom, Meisa began to explore the intersection of science and art through a different type of teaching – to the public. After working at a National Science Foundation and NASA funded center doing public science outreach, Meisa co-founded and currently still co-directs the Atlanta Science Festival. Outside of her work with the Festival, Meisa undertakes other science communication projects. She is a contributing science writer for, has spent time producing and reporting science stories for the radio, and has hosted a science educational video series for middle schoolers. Meisa was recently named by Atlanta Magazine as one of twelve Women Making a Mark in Atlanta.