Kevin Hughes is a guest blogger for GPB Education, husband, father, college football watcher, biannual golfer and Beatles fan, who also happens to teach computer science and technology to elementary aged students. A former sheriff’s deputy, marketing entrepreneur, business group manager, author, stay at home dad, kindergarten teacher (yes, Kindergarten Cop was bantered around during his early teaching career) and science teacher for 4th and 5th grades, Kevin has used his treasure trove of trivial knowledge to befuddle ('80's sitcom references not recommended), amuse (but Minecraft one-liners are the bomb!) and inspire (generally, to find meaning in his quips) those who are captive audiences in his classroom. As far as fourth careers go, he really enjoys writing run-on sentences, teaching and, especially, hearing the laughter of children as they learn new techie-things and explore their shiny digitized, coded world.