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A Day in the Life of a Rural Sheriff

Nick Giles is the sheriff of Taylor County, a rural county slightly southwest of Macon. Away from the big city the picture of law enforcement looks a lot different. Giles explains procedures,...

All About the Budget

In this episode of Peach State Politics, host Stephen Fowler explains how Georgia's state budget works, where the money goes, and how the money is spent.  

Be Your Own Boss: How Lawmakers Determine When They Work

Host Stephen Fowler explains how lawmakers determine their work schedule and the legislative calendar. 

Boot Camp Justice for Juvenile Offenders

After the crime rate for those under the age of 17 doubled in a five year period, Camp Stop, a military-style boot camp, was opened. This program aims to deal with juvenile offenders and steer...

Did Georgia Pass a Bill Allowing Prayer in Schools?

Georgia Sen. David Scott, author of the Quiet Reflection Act, explains why he introduced such legislation aimed at Georgia public schools. The legislative process of a bill becoming a law is...

Georgia and the US Constitution

Just ten years after the Articles of Confederation was drawn up in 1777, representatives met in Philadelphia to write a new Constitution. Georgia sent four men, most notably University of Georgia...

Georgia's Executive Branch

The executive branch is the largest of Georgia’s three branches of state government. The Georgia constitution names eight officers that are elected by all Georgia voters to serve in the executive...

How a Bill Gets Passed

How does a bill become law, and who's in charge of writing it and getting it passed? We explain in this episode of Peach State Politics.

How Legislative Districts Are Drawn

In this episode of Things Explained, we explain how districts are drawn, who draws them, and what redistricting and gerrymandering are.