Hail to the Chief and Warm Springs, Georgia! Warm Springs serves as home to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Little White House and the natural springs that were historically used for polio treatment. Roosevelt had the Little White House built in 1932, and frequently visited during his presidency. The Warm Springs virtual field trip explores Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s personal ties to Georgia, including his struggle with polio and his interaction with Georgia citizens.

3D Walking Tour

Virtual Walking Tours: Warm Springs

VR/360° Videos

Walk of Flags and Stones


Entrance to Little White House


President Roosevelt’s Bedroom


The Roosevelt’s Bathroom


Eleanor’s Bedroom


Secretary’s Bedroom


Living and Dining Room



Video Collection

Online Exhibit

  • Learning Objectives

    • Explore President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Little White House and the historic pools and springs through videos, images, and 360 experiences.
    • Connect FDR's time spent in rural Georgia to his New Deal programs.
    • Engage in critical thinking with discussion questions that probe enduring understandings in social studies.
  • More Ways to Watch

    More Ways to Watch

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