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Ready to Learn

GPB is proud to be a Ready To Learn (RTL) station, joining other PBS stations around the United States to leverage trusted PBS KIDS content and curriculum to improve kindergarten readiness, family engagement, and STEAM and literacy skills for children ages 2-8. Through this U.S. Department of Education-funded initiative, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), PBS, and local PBS stations provide free, evidence-based educational opportunities for children and families, especially those from underserved communities. GPB Education provides support in the following ways:

Access Ready to Learn resources on PBS LearningMedia to get the latest content, research, lesson plans, and activities for educators and families.
Reaching children who need the most support

Family and Community Learning (FCL) – Series of four workshops for kids and their families (parents, aunts/uncles, siblings, cousins, grandparents) that encourage playing and learning together while building early science and literacy skills. Five workshop series currently available: PBS KIDS Scratch Jr., Ruff Ruffman, Play & Learn Science, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, and Ready Jet Go!

PBS KIDS Camp Experiences – Out-of-school experiences meant to build upon the science and literacy skills taught in the classroom by engaging children in a fun, creative way of learning. Three kids camps currently available: Ruff Ruffman Sensational Science Camp, Odd Squad Be the Agent Camp, and Ready Jet Go! Space Scouts Camp).

Photo of young girl and father playing educational game on a digital tablet.

APPy Hours – Fun, informal event for families and/or educators looking for new strategies for using appropriate digital media with young learners. Participants learn more about the amazing learning tools and apps PBS KIDS and GPB have to offer children for home and school.

Photo of adult educators posing with educational props and materials.

Professional Development for Educators – Guided facilitator trainings for camps and workshops, Playful Learning for Educators, and training on how to use the free PBS LearningMedia resources for standards-based instructional planning.

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