Physical Health & Wellness Digital Learning Plans

Content experts at the Georgia Department of Education have developed Digital Learning Plans for teachers and parents. These Georgia Standards of Excellence-based plans were specifically designed for use during these uncertain times as support for school districts, administrators, teachers, and parents who are working tirelessly to provide students with quality content.

The plans are easy-to-use and include both “plugged and unplugged” activities. Check back for more Digital Learning Plans in each content area as they are updated weekly. 

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  • Kindergarten

    Big Idea/Topic: Why do people dance? How can dance help you stay fit? Click to download. 

    Big Idea/Topic: What are some safety hazards at home, at school, at play? Why is school bus safety important? Why is playground safety important? Click to download. 

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  • 1st Grade

    Big Idea/Topic: Why is balance important? How are some ways that you can transfer your weight? Click to download. 

    Big Idea/Topic: How can I maintain healthy behaviors? How can I brush my teeth? Click to download. 

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  • 2nd Grade

    Big Idea/Topic: What are the critical elements of an underhand throw and catch? Click to download. 

    Big Idea/Topic: Why is it important to maintain healthy behaviors? How can I choose healthy nutrition choices? What are some healthy foods I can eat? Click to download.

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  • 3rd Grade

    Big Idea/Topic: How do jump rope activities help your cardiovascular health? What is the correct way to jump rope? Click to download.

    Big Idea/Topic: Why is tobacco harmful to your body? What are the harmful effects of alcohol on the body? Click to download. 

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  • 4th Grade

    Big Idea/Topic: How would you dribble a soccer ball to maintain control while changing directions and speed? Click to download.

    Big Idea/Topic: If you are feeling stressed out, how can you feel better? How can you avoid getting stressed out in the first place? What should you do when you see someone getting bullied? What makes you unique? What would you do when you get a cut or scrape? Click to download. 

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  • 5th Grade

    Big Idea/Topic: Why is dribbling one of the most important skills in basketball? What are the different ways to pass a basketball? Click to download.

    Big Idea/Topic: How can I maintain a healthy diet? Why is it important to have a balanced diet? Click to download. 

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  • 6th Grade

    Big Idea/ Topic: How can I maintain control of the ball while changing direction and speed? How can I use ball-handling skills while dribbling? Click to download.

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  • 7th Grade

    Big Idea/ Topic: How can I follow a movement pattern? How can I create a rhythm sequence? Click to download.

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  • 8th Grade

    Big Idea/ Topic: How can I accurately throw a frisbee disk at a target? How can I successfully catch a frisbee? Click to download.

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  • Personal Fitness (HS)

    Big Idea/ Topic: How can I select activities that are appropriate and enjoyable for me? Click to download.

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