(Photo Courtesy of Esther Seijmonsbergen via stock.xchng.)

More and more workers are filing religious discrimination claims against their employers.

“When we talk about employment claims at work, this is still a very small percentage. But it’s doubled over the last 15 years,” said Brandon Smith, a workplace culture expert who also teaches at Emory and Georgia State universities.

“You’ve got [more] people from around the globe coming into the workplace with their cultures, with their religions, with their faith, with their practices” as the country becomes more diverse, he said. And much of that diversity is invisible.

“When you talk about religion, it’s not as obvious as some of the others [categories of discrimination],” Smith said. “So people are stepping on other people’s toes without understanding that there could be some differences there.”

Smith explains just how much faith you can practice at work on this week’s Working on GPB Radio.