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When you’ve had a rough day at work, you might go home and vent to your partner or spouse.

Susan sent a note to workplace expert Brandon Smith to find out whether that’s a problem.

“Does telling your spouse about a critical situation at work constitute lack of confidentiality?” she wrote.

And: “My boss stated—after I had spoken with my spouse—that we must keep confidentiality. My spouse doesn’t work [at] or know anyone from my corporation. Should I tell my boss what I shared?”

Smith said most employees shouldn’t worry about such a situation.

“Generally speaking, it is unreasonable to expect you, as an employee, to keep all things confidential from your spouse,” said Smith, who teaches about workplace culture, communication and leadership at Emory University and Georgia State University. “Often work creates stress for us [and] anxiety. We come home and who do we vent to? We vent to our spouse.”

Smith’s full answer (and the times when you might want to be careful) are on this week’s Working on GPB Radio.

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