(Photo Courtesy of <a href=http://www.flickr.com/photos/lokner/4164251472/>Michael Lokner via Flickr</a>.)

We spend a lot of time talking about dealing with -- or getting away from -- bad bosses during our regular GPB Radio conversations with Brandon Smith.

Often, that’s prompted by a question from a listener or blog reader. This week, a listener (who has asked not to be identified) has the opposite problem:

“How do you genuinely thank your boss without seeming like a butt-kisser?” she wrote. “I don't have much face time with my supervisor. The opportunity to pull her aside to thank her for her help or encouragement is rare. And awkward. What is the best way and best time to tell her how grateful I am that she hired me, she has faith in me and that she helps me when I am overwhelmed?”

So can you do that without looking like you’re angling for something?

“The most important part you just said is, ‘...so you’re not looking like you’re dot-dot-dot.’ In other words, don’t do it publicly.”

The three options to show genuine gratitude to a good boss on this week’s Working on GPB Radio.

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