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Walt Disney Documentary Two Night Premiere

The arrival of Mickey Mouse soon sparked a merchandise craze of grand proportions. Walt Disney lounges amongst a bountiful selection of commodities, circa 1931. Credit: Courtesy of © Disney

When I was growing up, if something was an "E" ticket ride, it was the best experience imaginable. And that idea all started when Walt Disney cut the ribbon on a dream so audacious that it was the "shock and awe" of its day in the entertainment world.

Disneyland opened in January 1955 in Anaheim, California. A few years later, as a toddler, I first spied the glistening "Matterhorn" mountain at the park. It was so large, I first saw it from the freeway!

Every one of my birthdays for the next 10 years was spent at the "Magic Kingdom." Remember in those days it was the only Disneyland on Earth.

So I'm delighted that GPB is going to air a special documentary on the life of Walt Disney.

I've seen much of the program and it's "E" ticket television! Mickey Mouse is in the GPB house Monday, September 14th and Tuesday, September 15th both at 9 pm.