Chadster is the self-appointed President of the Universe and he is looking to make the world a better place with his music. He joins the Peach Jam Podcast to discuss Covington Georgia's hip-hop scene, the music of the future, and Shania Twain.

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Chadster on the Peach Jam Podcast

Chadster in the GPB Studios

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Jeremy Powell: With your parents being Jamaican and you being raised in New York and then Georgia. Like how does that manifest itself in your music? Because I assume that their background and their their influence is pretty heavy in your life and in your music and how it comes out. So tell it to somebody who can't really pick it up. Like, where can we see that influence?

Chadster: Well, my mother is an artist. She actually recently just released her own song not too long ago, last December 2022. So she's been an artist all her life and growing up in a household with her, it's always music playing. Sunday, we had this every Sunday. It would be like a thing where she's cleaning and in the morning the music is playing loud. Back in the day, we used to have in New York used to have a CD catalog that you could buy, and I would just rip and run through those CDs. And it's different from, you name it, from Aaron Carter all the way to Bob Marley. You know, it was definitely a mixture of things. But she would play Shania Twain, she would play Cher, she would play all the oldies of of reggae artists, you know.

Jeremy Powell: So you're telling me that that you could sing Man, I Feel Like a Woman?

Chadster: Uh....not that....I can't. I can.

Jeremy Powell: Yeah.

Chadster: Because I knew the whole album. Okay. So yeah, I can actually. Definitely she would blast all types of stuff. So I definitely took in everything. That's how I just feel like. Don't try to. I know like I do rap, but don't try to just put me keep me at that box because sooner or later I'll do something else, especially as I'm learning right now. You know what I mean? Learning different instruments that I want to. So, yeah.

Jeremy Powell: Yeah. So it feels like asking you about your influences couldn't answer that because they're they're everywhere.

Chadster: I have top influences but they're definitely it's definitely a lot. Music just influenced me in general. But I would say Michael Michael Jackson be like one of the my top five. My mother is in my top five. Uh, shoot. Then that's where it gets tricky after that. That's where it gets tricky, you know? But it's definitely a wide range of people.

Jeremy Powell: So if you look up Chadster online, somebody has written that you make the, "Music of the future."

Chadster: Mm hmm.

Jeremy Powell: And I'm not quite sure what that means, but I also think it's apropos. Like, it works. It totally works. Because what I hear from you is very hard to put into a box.

Chadster: Mm hmm.

Jeremy Powell: But it fits in a lot of different boxes.

Chadster: Right.

Chadster: What I say to that is, you know, I labeled myself the President of the Universe. I care about everybody. I want to change a couple of things in the world. I hope to heal and help through my music. And, you know, and that's why I don't want to just stay in one genre. I definitely want to work on myself to give more vibes than just rap. You know what I mean? But rap is still one of the main things. So if I could give more subgenres to the rap world, that's where I would. You know what I would want to do, Especially, you know, a lot of people have even heard like some of my reggae songs. So you know what I mean? So it's like it's very hard to again, put put a label on me, but I'm definitely not here. I'm I'm in 2030 right now. You know, I mean, definitely. And sooner or later, you know, people are going to catch on to what I'm doing and how I want to flip it.


Behind the scenes of Chadster on the Peach Jam Podcast
Behind the scenes of Chadster on the Peach Jam Podcast
Behind the scenes of Chadster on the Peach Jam Podcast
Behind the scenes of Chadster on the Peach Jam Podcast
Behind the scenes of Chadster on the Peach Jam Podcast
Behind the scenes of Chadster on the Peach Jam Podcast


Jeremy Powell: When I think about Covington, Georgia. I don't necessarily think about hip hop. Is that wrong? Or is there. Is there a scene that I don't know about?

Chadster: There's definitely a scene for Covington, Georgia. We actually call it the Far Side.

Jeremy Powell: Okay.

Chadster: Yeah, we call it the Far Side. And I think there should be a definite microscope on on on Covington, Georgia, because there's super, super, super talented people out there that needs a light shined on them for sure. So many people you would be surprised. Covington, Georgia can definitely be stamped as not just hip hop a lot of different other artists as well. But hip hop is definitely a main thing out there for sure.


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