Lyn Avenue gets to have all the fun of being a working band and a married couple all at the same time. CC and Patrick join the podcast to talk touring, their hometown of Savannah, and what it is like to have your wedding postponed by a hurricane.  

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Lyn Avenue on the Peach Jam Podcast

CC Witt and Patrick Ellington of Lyn Avenue

Credit: GPB

Jeremy Powell: So the first song that we heard is about Savannah. That's your hometown, right?

Patrick Ellington: Yes, Right. That song is "Little Big City Town."

CC Witt: It's a tourist town. And so we took the angle of talking to a tourist. You know, "I take it you're not from around here." Let me tell you about my town. And that's where that idea came from. Because I've always wanted to write a song about Savannah.

Patrick Ellington: Mm hmm. So, yeah. And I was saying to her the other day, when you come into Savannah, you come over the Talmage Bridge. You're looking straight down at Savannah. It looks like there's not much there. It just looks like a lot of trees, honestly. And if you've ever been to Savannah, you know, it's trees everywhere, basically. And when you're looking straight down at it, you're like, Well, where's the city? So it kind of definitely has this like small feeling to it, even though there's a lot of things that you would expect from a city. But, uh, yeah, that's where that song came from. That song took a long time to write because we wanted to represent, well, you know. Mm hmm. Probably we were writing that song for a year.

CC Witt: Yeah. Which normally we don't take that long to write a song.

Patrick Ellington: Most of our songs take, like, 8 minutes to write. Like, they were good ones that we actually keep. Yeah, that one. We probably wrote five different choruses or something to it, you know? And then we're just never satisfied, you know?

Jeremy Powell: So we're going to see an extended live version?

Patrick Ellington: That's a good idea. We should go back to the notebooks.

Lyn Avenue in the GPB Studios

Lyn Avenue in the GPB Studios

Credit: GPB

Jeremy Powell: What are the things about Savannah that people don't know that you would want them to know?

Patrick Ellington: Savannah has an awesome music scene that I think that it's, you know, you know, Nashville and, you know, L.A. or, you know, New York. But honestly, Savannah has a really, really blossoming music scene. There's a big art school in Savannah that kind of stretches over downtown. So it's an extremely creative environment.

CC Witt: And there's such a camaraderie between all the musicians because it is a little big city town. We all know each other and we all help each other.

Patrick Ellington: We all use the same drummer too, because there's only like four drummers in Savannah. So like every bands like you're using, who are you using the night?

Jeremy Powell: And what is it like traveling the country and the South and touring as a married couple?

CC Witt: It's so much fun because you can kind of make it like a mini vacation. Mm hmm. You know, it's. It comes with its challenges because you're spending 24/7 together. But I mean, I can't imagine doing it any other way.

Patrick Ellington: Yeah. And I think we definitely a couple of years ago, we were like we were just like, slugging through and not doing it. We're just keeping our heads down and working. And you get to the point where we're like, We've got to try to enjoy this experience. Otherwise this is not going to work. Because it was just like, yeah, it was just it was just work and it was just driving and it was just like checking into hotels, checking out of hotels.

CC Witt: Make it to the next show.

Patrick Ellington: Yeah. So now we really, really do focus on the fun part, which is like we do. We love playing. That's fun for us too. But also, I mean, there's so much to do when you go to, especially if it's a city you've never been to. So she's usually sitting in the passenger seat, like Googling, like, what are we going to do when we get there? Because that's the fun part for us.

CC Witt: Yeah.

Patrick Ellington: Is to meet the people in the wherever we're playing, meet the people and see the cool things to do.

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