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Iron Man 3 and Georgia STEM Day

Image courtesy Marvel
Image courtesy Marvel

How can I possibly make a connection between the movie Iron Man 3 and Georgia STEM Day? Easily! The first connection is obvious: the first annual Georgia STEM Day is today and Iron Man 3 opens in theaters today. Today schools are encouraged to engage in a science, technology, engineering or math related activities to promote those subjects and the careers related to them. Here are some activities if you need ideas.

If there's a perfect movie to promote the science, technology, engineering and math subjects - Iron Man 3 is it! Take Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man. He didn’t get his powers because he was bitten by a radioactive spider or came from another planet. He created his robotic exoskeleton super suit because he’s a talented engineer. As blogger/professor Andrew B. Williams points out: “The engineering (Iron Man) conducts involves mechanical, electrical, chemical, and computer hardware and software component.”

Check out this video on how the Iron Man suits were made for the movie:

Movie Spoiler Alert: In this sequel, there will be more robotic suits being dispensed to Iron Man’s pals. Iron Man’s girlfriend Pepper Pots gets one and emerges as the Iron Lady. His best friend Colonel James Rhodes dons one again and arises as War Machine.

In addition to checking out these cool variations of Iron Man’s suits, the computer generated special effects should leave students breathless. It takes a strong grasp of math and computers to create those effects. It’s a perfect blend of creativity and technology. You can emphasize that point to your classes by showing this episode of Fast Forward’s visit to Turner/Adult Swim.

And if you’re looking for another creative way to show how movies use science, technology, engineering and math - check out this old post on how the Parker Brothers made a real shredder wheel from the movie Battleship.

Are you going to see the movie Iron Man 3? If so, what other evidence of science, technology engineering and math do you see?