Some of Muriel Lindsay's friends

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I set out to interview a Tybee Island astrologer who writes in earnest about speaking with time-traveling dolphins and their vital message for humanity.

So, among my first questions for Muriel Lindsay was: “Are you nuts?” OK, I think I was a little more diplomatic than that. I found her answer measured and reassuring. She told me it’s not important to her whether people think she’s crazy as long as they listen to the message.

That message comes from the dolphins. Not the team. The species.

Lindsay tells GPB that last September she was kayaking on the Savannah River, when she had an epiphany. Lindsay, who has always loved dolphins, looked out at a strange light on the water and thought, “Help us help you.” She says an “inner hearing” came back with the words: “OK, we will.”
Lindsay says she then proceeded to “channel” and type up in her own words 13 letters. The result is a new book, “The Dolphin Letters: Vital Information from Sea to Land.”

The Dolphins Speak

Lindsay writes that dolphins, and some humans, are from the future. Using that perspective, the dolphins caution we are at a critical time, but that something amazing can happen when we humans get over feeling we’re the ones in charge.

She believes “anybody can learn to open up and be receptive to nature” but they must let go of the fear of being looked at as insane. The chatty cetaceans say they’re willing to work together with Earth’s other great intelligence: us.

Lindsay’s website lists words of praise from a psychologist, a Nobel Prize nominee, and the screenwriter of “Ghost” and “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” Bruce Joel Rubin writes, “It is as though Muriel has enabled another life form to show us truths about who we humans truly are."

After speaking with Muriel Lindsay I was reminded of a song from “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”: “So sad that it should come to this // We tried to warn you all, but oh dear! // You may not share our intellect // Which might explain your disrespect // For all the natural wonders that grow around you // So long, so long and thanks for all the fish.” At that point, Douglas Adams’ wonderful dolphins fly off into space and a future apart from doomed humanity. In Lindsay’s worldview, the dolphins are sticking by their human soul-mates, hoping to nudge us into a better tomorrow.

"The Dolphin Letters: Vital Information from Sea to Land" is available through Amazon.