To celebrate the September 15 premiere of our new documentary The Long Shadow of Bobby Jones, we asked fans to share photos of themselves on social media tooling around their favorite Georgia golf courses and use the hashtag #bestshot.

You didn’t disappoint us! Several of you showed us photos of your favorite greens on Facebook. We’re sharing them here.

Anne Gilbert Barnes shared her #bestshot on the Canton Golf Club and one of the courses Bobby Jones frequented, the East Lake Golf Club.

Anne Gilbert Barnes - Canton Golf Club

Anne Gilbert Barnes - East Lake Golf Club

Former GPB Director of Education, Marilyn Akers Stansbury, shared photos of her favorite golf courses, the Fox Hollow Lakewood, South Suburban Golf Course and The Old Golf Course.

Marilyn Akers Stansbury - Fox Hollow Lakewood

Marilyn Akers Stansbury - South Suburban Golf Course

Marilyn Akers Stansbury - The Old Course Loveland

Thank you for sharing your photos with us!

The Long Shadow of Bobby Jones airs Thursday, September 15 at 8 p.m. on GPB TV. You can also watch an online preview of it now below.